My name's Jessie, the founder of The Clay Co.

I am a Sydney based model and YouTuber who happened to fall in love with making ceramics on my weekends. I began my pottery journey in lockdown of 2020, purchasing different clay kits and tools, trying to find the best one for me. I share a lot of my life online, so my ceramics became a part of that too.

I was making short videos of how I created my pieces, and the most commonly asked question I would get is where do I purchase my tools and clay from? 

I saw a gap in the market for the clay, tools and other bits and bobs that I personally love to use, which is what sparked the idea of The Clay Co.

I have accumulated quite the collection since the start of my ceramics journey, and have found what I believe are the best tools and clay for all levels of experience! 

I love the idea of pottery, I find it so mindless and therapeutic. It’s the perfect excuse not to touch your phone for a few hours and completely switch off. I want to share this feeling of presence with all of you, through our pottery kits. 


Jessie x